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Is this Legal?
Yes, you are given the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including the right to challenge inaccurate, misleading and obsolete items appearing on your credit report. Real Estate CSO uses every venue available to you under the law to help you assert these rights. 

How is this done legally?

Disputing items on your credit report is your legal right (see the Fair Credit Reporting Act). When you use Real Estate CSOto help repair your credit, we are abiding by and using all federal and regional laws regulating third party credit repair assistance.

How long does it take?
Everyone wants you to see results immediately. Although everyone's credit history is different, most people will see progress within the first 45 days of their membership. The majority of time is spent waiting for the credit bureaus to respond to requests. We take great effort in getting our disputes to the bureaus as fast as possible. As a reference, the average person with 7-10 inaccurate, misleading or obsolete items on each credit report should be prepared for a 3-4 month commitment.

Do you guarantee results?

By law, no company can guarantee that they can have items removed from your credit reports, but we stand behind our services and, if you feel you do not see results, we will evaluate your account and you will receive a portion of your money back if appropriate progress with your case has not been made. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Warranty for more details.

What if removed items reappear?

This happens occasionally either by accident or a creditor has eventually verified a particular item. This is what is known as a 'soft delete'. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Agency) has made it much more difficult for a creditor to replace an item once it has been removed. Real Estate CSO will re-challenge the item with the full force of the prior removal in our favor.

How do you restore bad Credit?

Once we've received your credit reports, we will analyze your credit history to identify items that are responsible for bringing your credit score down. Then we will draft letters to dispute these negative items on your behalf. Although we encourage consumers to dispute their own credit if they have the time and knowledge to do so It is important to note that, according to federal law, the credit bureaus can ignore your dispute under a variety of conditions. In our experience, a large part of dispute letters sent directly from consumers are rejected for one reason or another. Real Estate CSO 's letters are expertly designed such that credit bureaus will accept the dispute and conduct an investigation.

A disputed credit listing must be verified as accurate for it to remain on the credit report. If the credit listing contains an error, the credit bureau may simply correct the item. Unfortunately, very often disputed credit items cannot be verified because either the creditor no longer possesses the necessary information, or that creditor will not go to the effort of verifying it even if they have the information in question. Furthermore, the investigation must be completed within 30 days or the listing MUST be removed. For these reasons, properly disputed credit listings are removed from your credit report with remarkable frequency.

At the conclusion of the credit bureau's investigation, a new copy of the credit report is sent to you along with any deletions or improvements. You then provide us with a copy of the new credit report and the cycle repeats itself at strategic intervals.

Each time an investigation is initiated, the odds of receiving a particular deletion increases.

How much does bad credit cost?

The cost of credit repair is small compared to the cost of living with bad credit.

Below are a few examples of the cost of bad credit.

Auto Loan

If you are making vehicle payments, you are most likely paying between $4,000 and $10,000 more over the course of the loan just for having credit score issues. This added interest shows up every month in a higher payment.

Example: Car Loan

$23,000 Vehicle Financed for 5 Years

Credit Status Rate Payment - Interest Paid
High Credit Score
3% $413 - $1,796
Slightly Damaged 9% $477 - $5,646
SeverelyDamaged 18% $584 - $12,042

Home Loan

Damaged credit on a vehicle is nothing compared to the effect of damaged credit on a home loan. A typical home can cost between $180,000 and $300,000 more in interest of the 30 year loan, if you are buying the home with damaged credit. Example:

$120,000 home paid over 30 years:

Credit Status Rate Rate Payment Interest Paid
High Credit Score 7% $798 $167,410
Slightly Damaged 9% $966 $227,596
Severely Damaged 13% $1,327 $357,878

 Credit Cards

It is not unusual to not be able to get an unsecured credit card with damaged credit. The accounts you may be approved for will typically have higher rates, low credit limits, and have higher than normal penalties and fees for things like late payments.


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